Quality insurance of the Magyary ’14-20 conference series for preparing legislation

Initiative  coneference series of the legislation about Magyary ’14-20

Seven professional conferences took place within the series. As the summary of the professional workshops, draft laws and amendments were made concerning the prevailing legal regime for the purpose to simplify and rationalize the legislative processes of certain sectorial and preparation laws, with the accomplishment of the projects indicators. The conference material and lecture recordings are available on the following link:

The following table summarizes the elements of the Magyary ’14-20 preparation conferences by topics:

Name of the professional workshop

State property utilisation and risk pooling

VI. Ereky Conference

EGTC conference  on cross-border regional system

Accessible Hungary Programme int he mirror of the legislation

Conference on the background of the international qualificative evaluative and  estimating organisations and they impact on sovereignty

Presentation on the index methodology of the ’ Good State’